Firstly, sorry about the selfie! A freezing cold morning taking the picture of the bridges on the home page.


I never know what to write in these things! The question I suppose is, why photography? That's actually pretty easy to answer... it's always been there. Started with my dad asking me to take a snap of him and my mum on a beach in Benidorm during the 80's. I took the pic, he thought I'd done it too quickly so I took it again... a few weeks later the photos came back (you had to wait in those days!) with two identical pictures of them both haha!

Photography has stuck with me through highs and lows but it really started to dominate my time when my kids started to come along. As every dad does I'm sure, I wanted to get nice pictures of my kids. Except me being me, just getting average photos wasn't enough so along came a decent camera.... fast forward 10 years and I dread to think how much money...


Now I'm lucky enough to get to spend a day with people who're getting married. It's not work, it's organised chaos, it's sheer energy, if Red Bull were a day it would be a wedding day!


I started shooting weddings for friends as favours and as a way of avoiding giving them a present (only kidding guys!) but I genuinely had a lightbulb moment when I was a guest at my cousin Michael's wedding to his wife Rhiannon. Or more accurately when I saw the pictures from that wedding. The photographer took a photograph that I will never forget and will cherish forever. It wasn't anything staged or fancy, it was just my gran and me. She's laughing at something I've said and that's about it (see pic). THAT'S what wedding photography is for me. It's a day long chance to capture a moment that might never happen again.


So that's what I'll try and do for you.





Talk myself up section!

I've been lucky enough to be published in several magazines (e.g. Scottish Wedding Directory, Scottish Women, To have & to hold), including 'Digital PHOTO' a Scandinavian publication which featured an article about the rhino picture you can see in my gallery. I'm also a member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers. As you can see I've also been lucky enough to be a finalist in the 2020 Scottish Wedding awards in the Photographer of the year category.






If you're looking for other suppliers, please have a look below at the list for some suggestions.

Some people I've really enjoyed working with....


Videographers -


Adam at Abbey Wedding Productions

Phil at Solar Weddings


Florists -


Lynne at Poppy Floral Design

Jenni at Stucio & Waow


Bands/Music -


Papa Shandy & the drams


Music for Scotland


Celtic Rouge








Here's a wee sample of some personal favs from the last 12 months. They're just photos that I either had a blast taking or got to me (especially the dad ones)...



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