frequently asked questions

Hopefully you'll find the answer to most, if not all, of your queries in here...



The main question, why should we hire you to be our wedding photographer?


Difficult one to answer this without sounding pompous or full of my own importance. I'm about as down to earth as you can be so blowing my own trumpet doesn't come naturally but here goes...


You should hire me because you like my style of photography and because you want someone there on the day who knows how things work, who's unflappable and who will make it work for you no matter what happens. If the hair and makeup run late or we get stuck in traffic, ach these things happen so don't worry about it! If it rains and it's blowing a gale, there's nothing we can do about the weather so don't worry about it! Let me come up with the solutions to the challenges on the day. You enjoy yourself, I've got this.


The other reason is I never, and I mean never, turn up to a wedding without something new to try. Being perfectly honest that is as much to do with my own motivations as it is to make my clients happy but it's one of those things that benefits us both.


And finally, that thing I wrote that you hopefully read on my home page? The one about it being as important that you have fun as it is that we create brilliant photographs?


I absolutely 100%, mean every word of that.




How do we book you?


Ideally let's meet for a chat first. You'll spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day so it's a good idea to put a face to the name and see if you like them. It's also a chance for me to be sure I can make your photography plans happen. If I don't think we're a good fit I won't tell you otherwise, that's a promise! Thankfully I get on with the vast majority of people so there's every chance we'll be a good fit. If we can't meet in person we can chat over the phone or if you're still sure without either of that of course you can go ahead and book the date. Here's how...


I'll send you a booking proposal email. This takes you through the next steps and asks you to sign the contract (you can do it on your phone) and decide on your package (online shopping kart sort of thing).


I ask for a £200 booking fee when you sign the contract and the remaining fee no later than two weeks before the wedding.

Yes, you can pay whenever you want before then if you prefer, including in instalments at no extra charge.


Once your contract is signed by both of you and the booking fee is paid, you get access to your very own portal. This is your page that contains links to your invoice, contract and most importantly any galleries and album design proofs. A one stop online shop so to speak.




If we have to cancel is our booking fee refunded?


Your £200 booking fee is non-refundable, it is the cost of guaranteeing the date and once you have paid that plus signed the contract I will turn down all other enquiries for that date. However if you are rescheduling your wedding and I am still free on the new date, I'd be happy to just change the date. Clearly if you change your mind within 28 days then all monies paid will be returned.




What happens if you are ill on our wedding day?


There's a couple of ways to answer this. In the worst case scenario I would have my associate photographer take my place, if for some reason she couldn't make it I would contact colleagues through the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers (SWPP) to help. I also have several local photographers who I know I could trust to do an amazing job.

However, to be absolutely clear, it would take a very serious illness for me to not be there. This isn't the kind of job where you can phone in sick. Reputation is everything and if that's true so is the fact that you're only as good as your last wedding. If I break my leg and it's in a cast, I'll still be there. My associate photographer would be there too but I'll be there!




Do you carry spare equipment in case of a fault?


Yes! I shoot with 2 camera's and multiple lenses. I believe in the saying 'two is one and one is none' so I also have other spare equipment should something go wrong.




Can we provide you with a shot list?


That really depends on what you mean by a shot list. Before your wedding we'll have a chat about timelines and who's who and so on. Part of that chat will be your group photos, for which I will ask you to provide a list. Other than that I'm happy for you to ask if I can try and get some shots in particular and if you have ideas of your own I promise I am very much open to them. However I can't work with an extensive list of must have shots. I know some websites give you a download to go through and whilst it might seem sensible in theory, in practise they just get in the way. If I am looking at a list, I'm missing moments. Trust me to be your photographer and let me capture the important moments of the day. I've done this a few times now and I know what I'm doing.




Pricing, what does it cover?


I list my price here. It 's actually something that causes a lot of debate in the industry about whether to list prices or not.

Personally I don't like putting something in my shopping trolley without knowing how much it costs (I'm not Scrooge, I'm just not rich!) so I definitely want to know how much something costs when there are bigger sums involved.


Coverage: My usual start time is about 2 hours before the ceremony and I'm there right up until a good few dances after the first dance. I don't put a time on when I'll leave because it's actually up to you and your guests. I've had weddings where I could've left after the first two dances because I've taken so many photos of everyone giving it laldy (a Scottish word meaning with great enthusiasm!) on the dance floor! I've also stayed for over an hour because it took a wee while for everyone to get their dancing shoes on! So basically I'll be there until I feel like I've got enough of those fun, colourful, energetic dancing shots that are the perfect way to finish your gallery.


Travel: 2 hours round trip from my home is included so long as I don't need to take a plane or boat! If your package includes a pre or post-wedding shoot that travel time also counts towards the 2 hours. I'm more than happy to travel further afield and that includes beyond Scotland, it's just there might be an extra charge to cover my expenses. Getting married on the Amalfi coast? I am there!


Albums: I'm a big fan of printing photos, in fact I'm not sure photographs even really exist until they're printed. I know that sounds old fashioned but remember when everyone got a digital photoframe? It was supposed to bridge that gap but who's honestly using them still?

When you think about enjoying your wedding photographs in decades to come, that mental picture is sitting on the couch and looking through an album isn't it?


USB's: I don't include USB pen drives. It's a bit controversial I know. Being completely honest I think photographers only include them because of a feeling that they need to include something tangible, something couples can hold. It isn't a financial reason that I don't include them, I would obviously just pass on any cost. So why don't I include them? There's a couple of reasons but it boils down to value for money and usefulness. The first is obvious, they cost a silly amount for something that costs pennies to make.


The main problem I see is their usefulness (or lack thereof). Your wedding photographs will reach their true value in 5 or 10 years, and only grow more valuable as the years pass. Right now (2022) my laptop does not have any USB-A ports (which is what USB pen drives are). Sure you can get an adapter but in 10 years? They are a poor place to store your wedding photographs, and absolutely not the only place to store your wedding photographs! I've lost count of the number of couples who've needed to buy a replacement.


At this point my advice to couples is if you really, really want a USB, order one from Amazon and then get a personalised box from Etsy to store it in. It'll cost roughly £20 (less than half what I would have to charge for the same thing. Seriously!). Then keep your photos on there but also in the Cloud and on your home computer.


But honestly in 10 years time can you imagine yourself plugging your USB into the adapter (if this even still works) and then flicking through 500+ photos? No, me neither. If your budget allows (even a while down the line) get a wedding album, even if it's one you create yourself. Then if there's lots of photos you'd like to have included in the album but there wasn't space and/or budget, just print them out in 6x4" put them in an envelope (don't just put them in the album as the ink might run) and store them in the album box. That way you have the absolute best way to relive and share your memories.




Do you work with a second photographer?


Yes, quite often in fact. It isn't essential but if you love those documentary style photographs then a second photographer is ideal. They also mean we can be in two places at once, capturing both of your prep in the morning even if you're not getting ready in the same place. One of my favourite things they will do is allow us to capture both of your reactions to the entrance and walk down the aisle. It can be done with a solo photographer but as quick on my feet as I can be, it makes it a lot easier if there's two of us!





Do we feed you on the day?


It would be amazingly kind of you if you did and believe me when I say it's very much appreciated! I/We would ideally be fed at the same time as you because lets be honest, no-one wants their photo taken when they're eating. I/We will bring our own water and snacks but a warm meal is always welcome.





Do you edit all of the photographs and how many will we get?


Absolutely! Not a single image will find it's way into your gallery that hasn't been personally edited by me.


As for the size of your gallery, I never promise numbers of images because every wedding is different. That being said I can't remember the last time I photographed a full day wedding and delivered less than 500 images, so as a rough idea think 500+ which is a helluva long slideshow for the new in-laws!





Will our photographs be watermarked?


Nope. High resolution yes, but definitely not watermarked.




Do I own the copyright to the images?


Essentially no, the copyright for any photograph remains with the photographer (that goes for you too when you take a photo) unless specifically sold by them. I give all my clients a release for their images that allows them to print their photos but also to share them with family and friends. Where copyright comes into play is when Hello magazine contacts you because they want to do an article on your amazing wedding! You would need to contact me and we'll split the wealth I promise! Okay that might be unlikely (hey you never know!) so really all it means is I might use some of your images in a sample album to show other couples how amazing their photos might be. If you're uncomfortable with that, please let me know.





Do you provide videography?


No, I'm a photographer and that's about it. I chose to specialise in photography because it's what I love. I can suggest some brilliant videographers if that's something you want to explore.





How long will it be before we have all our photographs?


Your preview will be done within a few days usually, definitely not longer than a week. The only reason it wouldn't be is if I other weddings the following days after yours! ASAP basically.


After that your full gallery will be ready within 6-8 weeks. I occasionally take the full 8 weeks depending on how busy I am but sometimes it will be much sooner.





How long will it be before we have our album?


This is a bit more difficult to put a time on. It depends on a number of things, such as you choosing your favourites. That's something you really don't want to rush. I do album design in batches and take each in turn. So someone who got married 6 months before you will be in the queue ahead of you.

I would aim to have a design proof for you to approve within a couple of months of you submitting your favourites. Once approved and all choices made it takes about 5 weeks for delivery.





What if we want to include more photographs in the album?


I honestly hope you do. I hope you have a nightmare picking your favourites because there's just too many to choose from! haha! If that happens I'll know I've done my job right. There is obviously some extra cost to adding spreads to your album but we can go over all of that at the time.




How does the album process work?


There's 2 options...

1) You choose your favourites, I will then create an initial draft design and upload it to your portal. You can then decide if you want to add or remove images. Once we've got the number of images and spreads sorted I'll create a proper first draft.

You can then request some tweaks which I will make and then upload version 2 etc Once you're 100% happy you approve the design and we move onto choosing your cover and any text.

2) Ask me to create a draft design for you and I'll be happy to. You can then add, remove, swap and tweak all the images until you're happy.




Last question, can we contact you in the run up to our wedding for advice/suggestions/anything at all?


Yes! Please don't be strangers. I've been to a lot of weddings as you can imagine there's very little I haven't seen before, and if I can help offer some advice or even just have a look at something you loved and want to put our spin on... go for it! Once you've booked me I am your wedding photographer, helper, advice giver etc etc